Adoption Policies

  1. Dogs and cats are not adopted on a first come first serve basis, rather we look for the best possible "Pawsitive Match". We reserve the right to refuse applications for adoption.
  2. All applicants that currently live in a rental home must have a letter of approval from the landlord prior to completing an adoption. Click here to download the Landlord Pet Approval form.
  3. We do not allow trials/overnights with the dog or cat. We expect that applicants take the necessary time to meet with the dog or cat, talk with the foster, and ask lots of questions. It is traumatic for dogs and cats to be bounced around so it is in the best interest of the dog or cat that trials do not occur.
  4. If you have pets in the home, all pets must meet/interact with the dog.
  5. All members of the household must meet the dog or cat and be in agreement of an adoption.
  6. Animals cannot be adopted out as gifts.
  7. Please only fill out an application if you are ready to actively look and adopt. We do not hold dogs and cats – so if you are not looking to adopt within the month, please wait to begin the process as it is likely the dogs and cats available will be different.
  8. We cannot adopt puppies to applicants who are gone more than 4 hours at a time.
  9. All pets in the household must be spayed/neutered.
  10. Please note these guidelines are enforced to avoid dog and cat returns:
    1. Out of town applicants must meet the dog/cat in person.
    2. Applicants must be able to get to Calgary in a timely manner or the dog/cat will moved to a local applicant. We do not hold dogs/cats.
    3. All members of the family (including animals) must meet the dog or cat and foster family. We will not proceed if all members have not met the dog or cat.
    4. Plan to be in Calgary the entire day or overnight as it takes time to do up contracts and process payment.
    5. We do not do on-the-spot adoptions.
    6. We only adopt to within 350km of Calgary, and we do not “ship” dogs/cats to other parts of Canada.
    7. Applicants are responsible for the transport of the dog or cat home.
    8. Lastly, we highly encourage applicants to look locally first before applying for an out of town dog or cat.
  11. Adoption fees are due at time of adoption. We do not do payment plans. Refunds are at the rescue's discretion.