If you are here, we know you are considering opening your home to foster animals! Pawsitive Match is always on the lookout for families to welcome in a foster cat or dog. Fostering is a very rewarding and educational experience, and a great way to get some hands-on experience with pet ownership. By placing our animals in homes when they arrive, we are able to get them accustomed to family life while we find them the purrfect home.

Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation relies upon its foster family volunteers to

  • Provide love and care for the foster animal in preparation for their adoption
  • Arrange meetings with the potential adoptive family
  • Transport their foster animal to vet clinics for necessary health care
  • Transport their foster animal to adoption events

In return, Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation provides our foster families with

  • All the necessary supplies (food, litter, toys, shampoo, etc.)
  • Around the clock support via email and phone calls
  • A sense of community among other foster families and volunteers
  • Training support, as needed
  • You must be certain that your own pets will accept and get along with foster dogs or cats. You must also ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to taking in foster animals.

    You can read more about what to expect as a dog foster at

    If you are interested in fostering with us, please fill out the foster application below. If you have any further questions with respect to fostering, please do not hesitate to co contact our foster team. For a list of animals currently needing fosters click here.

    A special thanks to all of our fosters as we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you!

    Foster of the Month

    Foster of the Month - Dielle F

    I had thought about fostering years before I joined Pawsitive Match. I was always waiting for my life to be less busy or less stressful or more appropriate in some way; however, I eventually realized that there was never going to be a perfect time. Back in October I applied to a few organizations and Pawsitive Match got back to me almost immediately and had already put me through the onboarding process before any of the other organizations even made contact. I decided to foster dogs (as opposed to cats) to start as I didn’t fancy myself to be much of a dog person and I thought that it would be easy to not become too attached. How ridiculous that seems now!

    We took our first foster (Whitney) home at the beginning of October and our second foster (Herbie) joined her at the beginning of December. Both are still with us as they ended up being longer term medical fosters with six surgeries and over 25 trips to the vet between them. In that time, we have watched them heal physically as well as emotionally; Whitney used to chew on and lick herself until she had sores and patches of hair missing all over and now she has healthy skin and a full thick coat. They bring an energy to the house and their antics make us laugh out loud daily.  Herbie collects shoes and socks in a pile in the living room and tells you he doesn't want you to leave the house by backing his butt up onto your feet and sitting down when you are trying to put on your shoes. When Herbie isn't paying attention, Whitney steals all the toys from his bed (including his precious giant blue teddy) and brings them to her bed and when she isn't paying attention he steals them back. Herbie seems to think cats are monkeys and tries to speak to them in the language of their people. Whitney spins around and does dances at dinner time. Herbie walks really slowly, almost as if he is sneaking, around our plastic plant because he likes it when the leaves tickle his back. They had been abandoned at a high kill shelter but because of Pawsitive Match two lucky families are going to get the opportunity to adopt one of these amazing, healthy dogs and we are grateful that we were able to be a part of their journey.

    IMPORTANT: Foster homes are vital to our rescue organization so we strive to reply to each new application within a few days. Be sure to check your junk mail for a response. If you have not been contacted within a few days, please email