If you are here, we know you are considering opening your home to foster animals! Pawsitive Match is always on the lookout for families to welcome in a foster cat or dog. Fostering is a very rewarding and educational experience, and a great way to get some hands-on experience with pet ownership. By placing our animals in homes when they arrive, we are able to get them accustomed to family life while we find them the purrfect home.

Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation relies upon its foster family volunteers to

  • Provide love and care for the foster animal in preparation for their adoption
  • Arrange meetings with the potential adoptive family
  • Transport their foster animal to vet clinics for necessary health care
  • Transport their foster animal to adoption events

In return, Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation provides our foster families with

  • All the necessary supplies (food, litter, toys, shampoo, etc.)
  • Around the clock support via email and phone calls
  • A sense of community among other foster families and volunteers
  • Training support, as needed
  • You must be certain that your own pets will accept and get along with foster dogs or cats. You must also ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to taking in foster animals.

    You can read more about what to expect as a dog foster at

    If you are interested in fostering with us, please fill out the foster application below. If you have any further questions with respect to fostering, please do not hesitate to co contact our foster team. For a list of animals currently needing fosters click here.

    A special thanks to all of our fosters as we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you!

    Foster of the Month

    Foster of the Month - Cynthia L

    After losing my son Craigles, and not long after, my most precious furbaby Chloe(bo), I went into a deep depression for a couple of years. I have been a nurse for many years, I remembered that once a week we had volunteers that came in with their furbabies to cheer patients up and to help give therapy to those who were also depressed and then came to me that I needed to get out of the house as I was just existing, not living :(

    My own furbaby Pepper(chunk) was not a cuddler, her idea of being there for me was, "throw me the ball, that will make you happy Momma" lol I love her to bits.

    Well I started googling animal rescues...which led me to PMRF...everything about them resonated with me and felt right!! 

    I started volunteering at Cambrian..well my heart just burst with love being a part of all the precious furbabies lives..the joy they filled my heart with, no proper human words!!! One of the biggest things they taught me was, no matter what hardships, heart wrenching pain one goes through, when you have Faith, a will to live, safety, support and a whole lotta love....the healing begins :) for me having the furbabies in my life, it's a two-way street for the above mentioned… they truly were a huge part of saving my life in all areas!!!

    My hubby and I didn't see adoption in our future, we were happy to foster the wee furballs! But Never say Never, because you just Never know if a muffin comes into your life that is meant to!!

    Well low and behold a miracle and The BIGGEST BLESSING to recently happen, was foster failing and our FamFam welcoming our Jilly Jill into our wee fold!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!! It was meant to be!!! After running away thru an open gate, very quickly after being adopted...7 days with some pretty nasty wounds, surviving many predators, she was fighting to live to come home, not be a snack for the coyotes many amazing PMRF volunteers sacrificed their time, families etc to join in the search for sweet Jilly Jill...for which I am thankful beyond words!! Especially to Lindsay who made the final leap to grab her, sustaining a few nasty fearful bites, BUT Never let go!!! Wooooooooow

    Huge heartfelt thank yous to the many that helped make it happen for her to be caught, y'all know who you are...also huge gratitude to the Board of PMRF for all that you do and being there for me and dear Jilly Jill

    Many Blessings to all the volunteers that make it possible to save so many precious furbabies lives!!!

    That's why we do what we love to do for PMRF

    IMPORTANT: Foster homes are vital to our rescue organization so we strive to reply to each new application within a few days. Be sure to check your junk mail for a response. If you have not been contacted within a few days, please email